Free February Niches for KDP

Hi Guys,@Fisnik Sylka a good friend of mine and nearly a 6 figure earner with low content books (after making the switch from written books to this easier method) has been writing a monthly KDP guide. This guide shows you EXACTLY what keywords and niches to start your process with.

It’s called the EZ Pub Profits monthly guide and here is just some of what it includes:

• EZ Pub Profits PDF Guide
• Multiple Low content Interiors (ready to upload and PowerPoint files)
• Private Facebook Group
• Actionable Advice
• Starting Keywords

Just taking a few of the examples from the previous month’s guide, I was able to toss up a few books just at the beginning of this month and have already started to see some sales and royalties flowing into my KDP account. The niches are REALLY low competition and in some cases, zero products exist yet.

Grab The Guide Now:

After you sign up to the monthly guide, I made sure that Fis has set it up so that you can get the last guide for FREE that contains niches and topics for March.

Right after you sign up, you’ll automatically receive an email from Gumroad with the guide to download (and it will also be saved in your Gumroad library.)

The next guide is set to come out March 1st, and contain niches and topics for April.

This way, you are always ahead of the game!

If you want to be assured about the quality of the guide, you can download the January’s guide which Fis decided to give away for FREE .

The 50 First buyers can use -10% Coupon : KdpNiches10


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